At the end of your tenancy, you will probably have a lot of things on your mind and it will be very easy to overlook things that may be your responsibility. These oversights may result in unnecessary deductions from your deposit.

It is well documented that the most common dispute between landlords and tenants is cleaning. As agents we want to ensure that when you move out the process is as smooth and stress free as possible for all parties. To help us achieve this we have a comprehensive sign up procedure including;

  • Independently prepared inventory and schedule of condition, including receipts for professional cleaning if applicable
  • Advised that the property must be cleaned to the same standard as it was at the commencement of the tenancy. Any concerns, on move in, should be reported immediately so they can be addressed.
  • Advised to take additional photographs to support any areas of concern if they have been overlooked by the inventory clerk
  • Where the property hasn’t been professionally cleaned the tenant can choose to clean the property themselves or employ a cleaning company

In addition to the above once you give us notice that you wish to vacate we will send you our standard checkout letter and cleaning tips. Whilst this can seem daunting our only aim is to guide our departing Tenants in preparing for the checkout procedure and ultimately with the return of their deposit.


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