Between the advertiser (you) and Let & Go Ltd trading as Let & Go

You Confirm:

  1. You are the legal owner and have the legal right to sell or rent the property.  
  2. You have the legal right to publish the photographs used in the advert or have the owners permission.
  3. The property details supplied by you are to the best of your knowledge are not misleading and are a true and accurate representation.
  4. You shall pay the full fee before the advert will be published. 
  5. You agree that when you advertise on you are granting us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub licensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise the copyright, trade marks, database rights and all other intellectual property rights you have in the content, in any media known now or in the future. 
  6. You agree you have checked any terms and conditions supplied by your estate agent, if applicable, and that by placing this advert you are not in breach of this contract. 
  7. You agree that if, for any reason, Let & Go is liable for any damages, other than those for death or personal injury due to the negligence of Let & Go, its employees or agents, the total liability of Let & Go shall be limited to the amount of the service, document or advert purchased.
  8. You agree that in no circumstance shall Let & Go be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of business or profits or any other financial loss, arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the Website under any law or on any basis whatsoever whether contractual or otherwise, except in relation to death or personal injury due to the negligence of Let & Go, its employees or agents for which no limit shall apply.
  9. You agree to assemble, where ordered, the ‘To Let’ board ensuring it complies with the planning regulations.
  10. You agree not to abuse this service in any way or form.
  11. You accept responsibility for conducting all viewings. 
  12. You shall be responsible for establishing your own asking price for selling or letting.
  13. You shall inform Let & Go within seven days once a sale or let has been secured.
  14. You agree to indemnify and hold Let & Go Limited its employees and agents harmless from and against all liabilities, legal fees, damages, losses, costs and other expenses in relation to any claims or actions brought against arising out of any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions or other liabilities arising out of your use of the Trading Zone.

Let & Go Agrees:

  1. That as is reasonably practicable, ensure that is available at all times.
  2. To reserve the right to take the site ‘off-line’ without prior notice for essential maintenance and upgrades.
  3. You shall be responsible for establishing your own asking price for selling or letting. 
  4. We have not checked your advert for accuracy nor do we take accept responsibility for its accuracy and shall not be held liable for the information supplied by you.
  5. To supply a ‘To Let’ board, when ordered, within 14 working days.
  6. To ensure that the Website is kept up-to-date and will send periodic e-status requests to confirm the availability of the property offered.
  7. That when no response to the e-status report is received we will suspend the advert from public view for 21 days then after a further 21 days has elapsed we will delete the advert
  8. This contract may be terminated within 24 hours of placing the advert by emailing
  9. That once the advert has been live for seven days or you have received an enquiry, whichever is the sooner you will not be eligible for a refund.
  10. All refunds will be for the cost of the service purchased only
  11. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us concerning its subject matter
  12. This agreement does not affect your statutory rights. 


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