No risk of collapse or debris falling off 
Not leaking or causing dampness internally
No missing slates or tiles and the roof is not leaking or causing dampness internally 
No loose slates or tiles 
Flat roofs are in sound condition and not causing dampness internally 
All flashing and abutments are sound and not causing dampness internally
Roof design and construction is maintained so that it is suitable for its purpose, securely fixed and able to cope with imposed loads
No leaking gutters or downpipes causing dampness internally
No insecure gutters or downpipes 
Are kept clear of debris to ensure effective removal of rainwater
No insecure or rotten boards
No subsidence where risk of collapse
No loose brickwork where risk of collapse
No perished pointing or fractures causing dampness internally
All windows and doors can be opened, closed and secured easily
Do not leak
Are not excessively draughty and fit their frames correctly
Low level windows are fitted with restrictors to prevent falls
Are working correctly and are not blocked or leaking sewerage
Septic tanks and cesspools are functioning correctly
Are safe and there is no risk of collapse
Paths are reasonable level and with no tripping hazards
There is adequate drainage to remove surface water and prevent pooling
No unguarded retaining walls or steps where there is risk of falling



All ceilings are sound with no risk of collapse
There are no holes or cracks (other than settlement or drying out cracks) 
Are free from penetrating and rising damp
There are no holes or cracks (other than settlement or drying out cracks) 
Are sound and reasonably level with no tripping hazards
There are no loose floorboards and/or holes
Changes in floor level are eliminated; if this is not possible they are clearly defined and made as safe as possible
There are no leaking pipes within the property
With adequate heating and ventilation, the dwelling is not prone to dampness due to condensation
There is a fixed heating system such as central heating or off peak storage heating which effectively heats the whole of the dwelling
All gas appliances are subject to a current up to date gas safety certificate issued by a CORGI registered contractor every 12 months
Tenants are to be provided with a copy of this gas safety certificate at the beginning of their tenancy and an updated certificate following 14 days of appliance testing
There is adequate hot and cold running water to all sinks, baths and basins
There is a supply of wholesome drinking water
There are at least four power points in all habitable rooms
A current Periodic Inspection Report covers the installation and all items listed as 1 and 2 requiring works have been carried out
There is at least 200mm loft insulation or if the dwelling is new build, it must comply with current Building Regulations requirements
Single skin walls have been lined and insulated
Walls, floors and worktops have smooth impervious surfaces throughout which are capable of being cleansed and maintained in a hygienic condition
The layout/design of the kitchen should prevent collisions with hot surfaces
There should be adequate provision for:
  • Food storage facilities
  • Worktop
  • Gas or electric cooker
  • Sink with drainer
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Electrical power points (8 are sufficient) 
  • Space for fridge/freezer
There is suitable floor covering in good condition that is capable of being cleaned
Is located within the dwelling
Walls and floors have smooth impervious surfaces throughout which are capable of being cleaned and maintained in a hygienic condition
Are provided with:
  • Wash hand basin
  • Correctly functioning WC
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Bath and/or shower
  • Door to the bathroom
  • Fixed form of heating
Where there is a separate WC compartment this must be internal and be provided with impervious surfaces throughout which are capable of being cleaned and maintained in a hygienic condition.  In addition a WC compartment must be provided with:
  • Correctly functioning WC
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Door to compartment
  • Wash hand basin within the compartment
The stairs are in good repair and fitted with at least one handrail
Are adequately guarded by a balustrade with vertical balusters
Treads and risers are uniform in depth, height and width for entire length of flight
There is adequate artificial lighting to the stairs
There are no doors opening directly onto the stairs at the top or bottom of the flight
There is no exposed asbestos lagging or insulation
Any asbestos cement sheets (commonly found in dwellings as roof tiles, corrugated roof sheets, wall boards and soffits) are in good repair
There is no statutory overcrowding
Generally one bedroom can be accommodated by a maximum of 2 persons (depending on sex and relationship).  Specific details can be obtained from you Local Authority
If the dwelling is a House in Multiple Occupation, the maximum occupation of rooms will not exceed the standards set by the Local Authority
There is adequate natural and artificial lighting in all habitable rooms and adequate artificial lighting to all other areas within the dwelling such as circulation areas, bathroom and kitchens
The dwelling complies with standards laid out in the Local Authority guidance
Furniture supplied must conform to the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. 
There is adequate external lighting either by street lighting or security lighting
There is a door chain fitted to the front door or a window adjacent to the front door, which enables the occupier/s to view ID
The construction and maintenance of the dwelling protects occupants from external noise and ordinary domestic noise affecting their health
The water supply to the property is not serviced by lead pipe work 

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