At Let & Go Limited we recognise that during our routine business we will have an impact on the environment by way of our CO2 emissions Our Carbon Foot Print.  We acknowledge that our Carbon Foot Print is small compared to most, but we feel strongly that everyone must take responsibility and minimise their impact where possible.

Our environmental policy has been set by the Board and is reviewed annually inline with all Company policies.  Our aim is to achieve continuous improvement in our Carbon Foot Print Reduction.

Our primary environmental impact comes from car emissions and waste materials generated through running an office.  We are committed to reducing our impact in the following ways:

    • All office waste where appropriate will be recycled
    • All lights to be turned off when leaving the office
    • All car journeys to be carefully route planned to ensure efficient use of fuel
    • All computers to be turned off on leaving the office
    • All staff will be encouraged to use e-communication  where appropriate
    • All staff will be encouraged not to print e-communications 
    • Where printing is necessary it will be printed double sided on recycled paper
    • All employees to be made  aware of their environmental responsibilities   
    • All employees will be asked to sign up to our environmental policy
    • All our customers will be encouraged to accept e-statements & e-communications

Let & Go Limited is committed to the implementation of this policy and encourages dialogue on how things can be improved

If you wish to put forward suggestions for how we can further reduce our Carbon Foot Print please e-mail customerservice@letandgo.co.uk

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